Skuid Tabs with Page Includes not loading when on SF Tab

I am having a problem when making a SF Tab have the contents of a Skuid page. This worked fine until I made each Skuid tab contents in the page be their own page and use includes within the Skuid Tabs.

When I try to load the page in Preview everything displays correctly like this:

When I make a SF Tab and load the Page in a Tab using VF and the Skuid Component I get this:

How can I correct this?

It works fine if I use this in VF (But I dont like the Full Page Refresh that happens!):
<apex:page controller=“skuid.Redirects” action="{!redirect}&page=MD_Hospitalizations_Tab"/>

It is broken like above when using this in VF:
<apex:page sidebar=“true” showHeader=“true”><skuid:page page=“MD_Hospitalizations_Tab”/>


Yup.  You need a local copy of the Include VF page.  Look at the instructions here:…

What is that!

global search, standard SF

How’d you put it there?

Smoooth! that fixed er right up.

I can only be there if you have Chatter enabled in Salesforce setup.

It gets enabled by default with Chatter

Oh!!! heheheh … you have the header on from the page include.

I thought you made your own search feature using SOSL.