Skuid Table Context Properties Not Working Like I Would Think

When clicking a row action on a table of POLineItems model I have another table inside a pop-up to show which row a user is working with. They are both pointed to the same model. I added a Context Condition to the pop-up table for the POLineItem.Id field to match the POLineItem.Id field of the same model. I would think this would work, but no data is displayed in the pop-up table

However, if I use a different field, like Part__c it works, but can cause issues as there may be multiple ids of the same part in the first table. I only want the row that the row action was selected on to show up within the pop-up table. Anybody know why this wouldn’t work?

The Id field is selected in the model.

I know I could load a different model with the selected fields, but I have like 13 models on this page already and that specific model has several UI-Only fields that I’m using for other functions, so I’d prefer just use Context Condition to display the data as I would think this is what it’s for.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!

It sounds like your setup is correct. Just to be clear, what component are you using in the popup to display the record in context? Is it another table component? Is your row action of type “Run Multiple Actions” or “Pop Up”? Are you running any other Actions when the popup is opened?

Also, what version of Skuid are you running? This can be found by looking in Salesforce setup > “Installed Packages”.