Skuid table can not load data

I have some issue when I am loading a data in table grid.

I am sharing two screen shot.

1)      Screen 1 is the page without error.


2)      Screen 2 is the page with the error.

 I don’t know why this happen. When I am trying to open this page from 10 times it will break 2 times.

 I need to know what the issue is.

I am using Skuid version 6.8.10.

This issue started after Skuid version 6.8.8. 

The two images are not of the same table. One only has Canidate name and Calendar year.  The other has many more fields.   

Are you perhaps using conditional rendering to show one of two tables on the page? 

If so,  I’d suggest that your second table (that doesn’t show data) is faulty in some way.  Are you using templates? is your merge syntax correct? 

The messages in the browser console in your second screenshot are not errors.  They are there on almost every page load. 

Both the images of same table.
Some time when i am loading the table at that time the page look like this.

In that case I’d suggest that you have a field level security issue.  For whatever reason in the first case you have access to all fields,  while in the second case you do not.