skuid__SkuidJS:25 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'displaytype' of undefined

Updated to 7.19 and am having at least one page not rendering with the above JS error.

Some weird things on the page:
A couple of fields are showing up as “Unknown Field” even though I double checked they are added to the model. If I go and add the same field into the table, the Unknown Field is replaced with the correct name.

I tried cloning the page, but get the same issues. Also tried stripping the page down and still receive the error.

SOLVED. As soon as I posted I figured it out. I had a Ui-Only formula field that was dependent on a model rendering below it. Moved model order and it fixed the render issue. Still have those Unknown Fields…but they’re rendering correctly. Not sure whats up there. Will try to remove and readd into the model.