Skuid Skool End of the Year Prizes + 2 New Courses

Have you been working hard on your Skuid Skool classes? There’s 10 days left in the year and you still have time to earn prizes for completing courses!

Have you finished Levels 1 and 2? Could you be the high points winner this quarter?

To help you rack up those points, we have two new courses for you:

  1. Dubai Update 3 (50 points): We don’t want to spill the beans, but this release includes a long-awaited validation feature and it’s :fire: Plus there’s CSV import / export for Skuid NLX and other new features you’ll only learn about if you take the course.
  2. Quick Skuid Recipes (175 points): Not sure where to start building in Skuid? This course guides you through two of the most popular Skuid use cases. Plus it’s 0 calories! Perfect for a holiday cookie exchange with that friend who you’ve been wanting to tell about Skuid (but you should probably bring them some real cookies too).

Season’s greetings,
Cal & Mari

You can find more information about current contests here:

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