Skuid sfdx XML Limit

Max Limit is definitely higher than before, but it’s still not the same as in Skuid Page builder.

skuid sfdx:push limits XML of a file to 14413 lines, where Skuid Page builder allows at least 14538.

  • Hi Lukas, thanks for following up with this. So far we haven't been able to reproduce this error on our end — we were successfully able to push a page that's 15511 lines long with the latest version of skuid-sfdx (0.4.0).

    What version of Skuid itself (not skuid-sfdx) are you using?

  • It would also help the investigation if you could share the XML of the page that's failing. Could you attach it to your response here in the community? (If you'd prefer to send it privately, let me know and we'll reach out via email).
  • It was skuid-sfdx 0.4.0 . I would definitely be more confident sending it privately.

    Though, since you say it should be working I will try again as soon as I can.

    Thank you,


    Thanks Lukas. Let us know how it goes and if you continue to experience the error we’ll reach out privately for the page XML.