skuid/sfdx - process for deploying/pushing all of the pages


I just want to continue the discussion from this post:

  • How are you working around the limitations of skuid-sfdx for pushing and pulling pages along side of version control?

    The issues I’ve identified are:

    sfdx skuid:page:pull (and push I assume) has a limit of how much it can pull down before hitting an memory error. Meaning there cannot be too many pages in a module, or module cannot have too many big pages, and managing size of module is troublesome.

  • When pushing a page with a module that does not exist in the target org there are errors(?) or the page disappears, I don't remember, but it's another thing to manage: the module picklist is aligned.
  • If the module/name of the page has changed then skuid:page:pull will not override the old page, instead create a new one.

To handle few of those problems we’re thinking of not using modules any more. This will solve 2nd problem, and help with 3rd (page names could still change though).

If there are no more modules, we would have to pull down each page individually, most likely using a script. Querying SOQL to get a list of all page unique ids, and then iterate over them to pull/push each page.

So my question, how would I go about writing the script given that I also have to query apex? Is it possible to do in bash or another way? Or, has anyone solved this problem in any other way?

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Would appreciate any advice, especially of existing solutions.

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Hey @lukaspovilonis !

We are looking into this now. once I hear back from the team I will relay the answer here.


Hi @Germany ,

Sure, awesome! Thank you!