Skuid session expired after logging in - remoting exception

Hi we are on version 8.15.15. Users no longer get session timeout error and is able to continue working on the page without refreshing the page when the session is renewed. That is great.

However, it’s still requesting user to refresh page in these 2 cases:
1. on a page-include section on the page: when user click on a custom action which uses remote action call, they get the error Remoting request invalid for your session. Refresh page and re-submit request.

2. on a page with integration: user is able to save the changes after session timeout, but when they click on a custom action that has integration, it fails with the message ‘Not unauthorized’.

Are you aware of these issue? Any pointers to look for issues?

Hi do I have to handle this in the JS myself or will Skuid have a fix for this soon?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Skuid should have a fix for this soon. We have been discussing a few options recently and are exploring different methodologies to address this problem.


Hi while waiting for the fix, we are going to alert the user when there is invalid session. That works fine on direct remote action calls we have in Javscript. But for we built using the REST API model, the error message on query Model on fail is not used when the visualforce Remoting Exception: Invalid session happens. How can I show a custom error on the Skuid page to the user if the REST API model fails to load?


FYI, if there is a Save model before the JS remote action call snippet in the action framework, skuid errors out on the Save Changes in Model step:

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'tid' of undefined or null reference

File: VFRemote.js, Line: 85, Column: 456

As a result, Skuid does not execute the JS remote action which issues a custom session time out to users. So users won't know the session timed out.

Hi do you have an update on this? Has this been implemented in the new releases?