skuid scaffolding

I would like to be able to create a scaffold for an org using skuid. I’ve made a skuid page that has the skuid object as its model and displays all the data that makes up the skuid pages. If i created records in that model and saved them i’m assuming they would become valid skuid pages. I can get all the properties of standard and custom objects in javascript, so i could build default tables to display the data in all my objects… one table per page. The standard skuid table lets you do lots of good stuff with your data, including mass updates. Has anyone tried something like this ?

Ken.  I’m intruiged. 
What sort of data would you be displaying,  and what sort of updates would you be attempting?  How would this differ from the composer? 

You are correct that you can build a model on the “page” object and display all the metadata included there.  But maybe 90% of the goodies in a page is contained in the XML structure - so you’d have to crawl through that to get any further information about the page.  And updating that XML document would take a pretty insane amount of custom javascript (Which we’ve already written btw…)

Again -I’m intrigued, but am wondering more specifically what you are after. 

I have created page of this sort to search all pages for the existence of fields and objects that I’m going to delete/rename. Haven’t really thought of doing much more with it.

As Rob was saying, the page structure is managed completely within XML, so what you are proposing would have to be done completely within javascript.

You’d have to stitch together the values from the five fields to store the XML, parse it, manipulate it, and overwrite the five fields. Could be done, but I can’t picture the payoff being worth it.

In a traditional database development environment you can open your tables and look at your data, sort it, add rows, edit values in fields etc. You can do this, after a fashion, in the developer console, but you have to re write the soql each time. i’d like a skuid page with a list of all my standard and custom objects in a queue on the left, and when i click on one i get an include page with a table with that object’s data on the right. I could write this by hand using skuid. Or I could automatically create those pages, probably using apex rather than javascript, that would let the user go to that page and press a button and have the “schaffolding” automatically generated. I am always doing this on an ad hoc basis. I have to make a bunch of changes to my data, I create a temp skuid page, add some models, drag a table control down, use the table to review and change my data. I’m just talking about doing it systematically…

hmmm … I like where you are going with this. A dynamic data management tool of sorts.

I as well have had to do this many many times.

I’d say this would be a great default tool to have from Skuid. Wink wink … Banzai?

The next step would be to add the traditional table design tool, a la sql server or ms access. That would allow there to be 2 icons on the list of objects, one to click for data, the other for design view

We could try doing this as a community project and put it on github

Banzai - pshaw… 

It’s three years later and i’m back around to this idea…skuid now allows you to create xml pages programatically…so that should help a lot. Let me did back into it and see what i come up with…