Skuid Sample Pages

page  I am trying to download the “Dashboard”.  It is asking for the Skuidsite domain. What is it?

Bill - you caught us half way toward getting this all fixed.   Sorry about the confusion. 

The gallery of sample pages currently has links to implement those samples in a Skuid Platform implementation.  (they way you can use Skuid if you are not on Salesforce).  That’s what the skuidsite domain is…

You are on Salesforce.  The page XML and the Design system for that page are in this Github Repo.  Feel free to download and play along.

Hopefully in the next week or so we’ll have the links updated in the gallery so both targets are described. 

Thanks for keeping us honest.  Hope all is well in your world in these weird times. 

Have the links been updated?

Thanks for the reminder Bill.  The Sample pages in the Design System website  have been updated.  Now you have options for getting the page xml from github if you are in Salesforce,  or installing the page in your Skuid Platform site. 

Thank you Rob.  The link
to get the Page XML: Copy the XML from this page, or save it as an XML file, and upload it as a new page in your Salesforce Org.

The Copy the XML from this page does not work.