Skuid Sample Page: Single-Step Solution for Mass Creating Related Records on Junction Objects

Historically, I think the solution that has been most commonly implemented is to use a 2-step Wizard Component in a Popup - documented here:

Main benefit for me was that I could use a single multi-action button, instead of needing the Wizard component. Plus, the compact size and look of the multiselect picklist feels like a slicker Ux choice to me, depending on the use-case.

Video Example:

XML for a Page that can be used as a Template:
built on top of Skuid’s Sample Page “ProductsTab_SkuidForCRM”:

There are a number of annoying required fields and model conditions that I quickly hard-coded to try & make this work with the standard Products/Pricebooks objects - but I highly recommend playing with this in your own junction objects instead.

So ignore the bottom 2 models:

You can also safely ignore the Action Framework settings on the “Product2Data” model for the same reason:

Guidelines for Setting this Functionality Up for your own Junction Objects:
For those not familiar with setting up Junction Objects (or many-to-many relationships using Skuid Models), please make use of Karen’s documentation on passing id’s to a junction object with Skuid:

In the XML Sample Page, you’ll notice a Ui-only field on the “Product2Data” model called “UiOnlyMultiselect”.

In the table, this field uses a custom field renderer and calls the snippet “multiselectPicklistRenderer.js"

(I borrowed heavily from another post for the multiselectPicklist snippet, so thanks to everyone that contributed to:

No Action Framework in use here, but the Order of the 3 models, and the multiple actions on the Save button (which calls the “createRelatedRecords.js” snippet) should be copied over into your own models carefully.

Hope some of you find this useful.

And here’s a nifty example of how we’re currently using this to help standardize the way we name User Stories for Agile/Scrum development. So that instead of manually typing in a long and painful Subject each and every time:

Now, we can do something like this instead:

Related Records are concatenated into a Subject string using the DLRS tool! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing how to do this and thanks for pointing people to the post about passing id’s to a junction object with Skuid :slight_smile: