Skuid Salesforce Accounts Tap Not Showing Records

I have been using Skuid with salesforce since 2013. As a result, I have successfully designed customer apps tailer to my business.
But there is one thing that is bugging the hell out of me my accounts tap is not loading any account records.
The records are there because when I’m on the skuid page, I can preview the tap, which shows the records.
It doesn’t bother too much until I need to merge records, and the only way around this is to go to the composed tab in skuid and sort it that way.

Do any of you have any suggestions on how to fix this issue?


Are you talking about your accounts tab? If so, I’m guessing you used a tab override to display your Skuid page. That is done using a custom visual force page. I would guess that is what is broken since you can see the Skuid page and it loads records.