Skuid respecting Salesforce object settings

I had a few generic question regarding Skuid respecting the Object/field  level settings on the Salesforce data model. We are trying to re-model our standard Salesforce pages by leveraging the handy features Skuid offers.

1. If my Salesforce object has a field which is required (on the object level) do I explicitly need to set it as 'Required' on the field properties on my Skuid page? If I choose not to display the field on my Skuid page, will I be able to save my record or will I get an error

2. For Lookup/Reference fields with lookup filters already set up on the Salesforce field, does that not automatically port over to Skuid? Do I have to go  in my Skuid page and replicate all lookup filters?

Very cool that you are reworking all your Salesforce UI into Skuid - We encourage that behavior! 

Question 1A:  If a field is marked required at the database level (on the field list in setup) - you do not need to mark it required in the UI.  In fact these fields will show the “required field” as grayed out.  You cannot mark them Not required. 

Question 1B.  If a field has been marked required at the database level and you do not include it in a new record page, users will not be able to save records because of the missing required field.  ** Be Careful… **

Question 2.  The lookup filter defined in setup will create a validation error when you try to save the record.  It will not prevent the referenced entity from being selected.  To accomplish this you will need to add a filter on the reference field in Skuid. 

Hopefully that helps. 

Thanks Rob

This helps!