Skuid Related Lists - Displaying unrelated records?

Hi everyone!

I am a Salesforce Consultant and one of my Clients uses Skuid, so I am having to learn it on the go very quickly!
I am having difficulty with a related list.
I have added a Table component and Setup the Model correctly, but the list seems to be displaying every record rather than the ones that are actually related to the Opportunity.
The Condition I have in place is 

gaff_Opportunity__c = (Opportunity)(Id) 

Also how can you order by the most recent date? There is a field called Sent Date and I need the list to be ordered according to the most recent Sent Date.


Make sure the controlling model is loaded first, in your example the opportunity model

for ordering
In the model add fields to the 'Fields to order records by '
example ActivityDate ASC will return records in Activity date order earliest to latest

Hi Paul,

There is a Model called Setup that is above Opportunity, would this make a difference?

Thanks for the ordering information!

No, it just has to be loaded before the related models.

It is loaded before the related models, so not sure why it’s not working.

Thanks for your help!

If you can post the xml I’ll have a look

Where can I find the xml?

in the page builder, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘View/edit XML’ link

That button is greyed out for me?

It will be greyed out if the page has unsaved changes 

Ah got it. It’s 5000 lines long though.

IF({{Saasli_Number_of_Products__c}}&gt;0,{{Earliest_Product_Start_Date__c}},{{CloseDatePlus15__c}}) IF({{Type}}=="Add-On", 1, IF({{Type}}=="New Replacement Contract", 1, 0)) IF({{Pricebook2.IsStandard}}==1, "Standard Price Book (Do Not Use)", {{Pricebook2.Name}}) LineItems OpportunityService OpportunityRoles models.saved Opportunity Opportunity models.saved <field id="Service_Start_Date_

Load the opportunity model on page load

Aha thank you! What an easy fix.

Thanks for all your help Paul, really appreciate it!

No Problem.