Skuid Platform Server Side Action Framework Workflows

So … now that Skuid has it’s own platform, it also has it’s own “server side” possibilities.

Why not it’s own server side action framework workflow? I’d even go ape and make a super cool set of workflow UX for Process Boxes, If/Else Routing, Looping, etc, etc, etc. Similar to Salesforce Flow, but way way better. We’d models and action framework.

We could then make use of these more complex/common in a single location from other Skuid Pages or Workflows!!!

Use Case 1: Large Data Processing Requirement. Client needs to process records across 1+ Skuid Connection and thus requiring a more distributed server load processing.

Use Case 2: A multi Skuid Workflow called from one Skuid Page Action Framework action.

Use Case 3: Create one Skuid Workflow that is called from multiple Skuid pages.

Use Case 4: Help with an Import Component to supplement ETL.

I’m just scratching the surface but the possibilities are awesome.

Use Case 5: TIMED TRIGGERING for the workflow!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’d like to things to be run on an interval. Daily, Weekly, First/Last Day of X, etc.

Use Case 6: Queued Workflow “Runs/Jobs”. It would also be cool to see these “Runs/Jobs” in a queue with a date/time for when they are to run along with their status. Adding the ability to Cancel/Delete/Rerun/Pause would also be useful.


C-c-c-c-c-combo!!! FINISH HIM!

Thank you for these ideas. We’ll have our team look into them.

And how about workflows that interact with several systems of record behind the scenes.

Hi Pat, Good idea!

This would be iiiinteresting


Would this be server side javascript? Would we be able to use node? 

Dunno really. I suppose the same as how we do snippets. So js and jquery? Never used node.js.

Would be cool if we could use node then do 

npm&nbsp;install&nbsp;<a href="">node-schedule</a>