Skuid platform error - Request to data source "SkuidLocal" failed: 502 Bad Gateway when entering password for new user

I’m using skuid platform and adding a second user.

  • The new user enters & saves fine and sends an email to the user.
  • User clicks the link and is asked to enter a password.

RESULT: When entering a password they receive the receive error: Request to data source “SkuidLocal” failed: 502 Bad Gateway

I’m guessing this broke due to a security setting, but I’m not sure.

Amazon RDS Postrgesql is locked down to the skuid IP addresses and locked down to only accept SSL communication.

Everything is working fine except setting the initial password for a new user or updating (reset password) of an existing user.

I’m not too excited to open up the security settings to prove my theory, but maybe that is what I need to do.

Hi Duane, are you still encountering 502 Bad Gateway issues? If so, please let me know when you last saw one, and what you were doing at the time. I had seen another report of this error happening intermittently, and we don’t believe security settings were related to that issue.

  1. It looks like we had a spike in utilization on the platform last week, at the time that 502 responses were being reported.
  2. We responded by increasing system resources after which the 502 responses tailed off.
  3. We are continuing to investigate the source of the spike and actively investigating ways to increase the efficiency of our platform.