SKUID Picklist Dependency Bug when overriding Metadata

Hi, I wanted to report this to have it looked into. I spent hours on this scratching my head and baffled as to why I was not getting the right result with a dependent picklist.

SKUID Version 12.2.21, and Salesforce is used.

Page in V2

I have a model pointed at an object with a picklist field #1 and a dependent picklist field #2 (dependent on #1). In #1, I override the field metadata because I want to show 3 out of the 4 options. I have some model actions that save the model when #1 is updated, so that picklist #2 is showing the appropriate options when the user is making that selection. The issue I began experiencing was that I wasn’t getting the right picklist for 1 of the 3 options. What I found to be the issue is that I needed to order the picklist items in Salesforce the same way that it is ordered in the metadata override. This is suggesting to me that it is not really looking at the dependency, but instead using the order it is in Salesforce and showing whatever is dependent to option 1, option 2, etc.

For example, if I have a picklist in Salesforce as so:

Picklist - Apple, Banana, Grape

Picklist Dependent - Red (Apple), Yellow (Banana), Grape (Purple)

And then in SKUID I override the metadata so that the list is in a different order:

Picklist - Grape, Apple, Banana

My resulting dependency is

Grape - Red (taking the dependency of Apple because in SFDC it is slotted #1)

Apple - Yellow (taking the dependency of Banana because in SFDC it is slotted #2)

Banana - Purple (taking the dependency of Grape because in SFDC it is slotted #3)

Hope what I am describing makes sense. Please let ask any questions that could help give you better understanding of what I am seeing. Thank you!

Hi @Nicholas_L , thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

You said you observed this behavior in 12.2.21. Do you have a sandbox where you can upgrade to the most recent version of Skuid and see if this resolves the issue? There are A TON of enhancements between Spark Update 2 and Boston that make building in v2 a lot more fun.