Skuid parses OData response incorrectly

Defect/Issue Description:
Skuid parses OData response incorrectly when attempting to aggregate data.


  • API Version: v2
  • Release: Chicago
  • Release version: 14.4.16
  • Platform: Salesforce

Action Performed:
Created a model where Odata should aggregate the model via multiple Joins, e.g.

In SOQL it would be:

    LookUpField.Obj2LookUpField.Obj3LookUpField.Obj4LookUpField groupField
GROUP BY LookUpField.Obj2LookUpField.Obj3LookUpField.Obj4LookUpField.Name

The OData URL would be (this is produced by Skuid:

https://<OdataWebService>/v1/Obj1Endpoint?$apply=groupby((LookUpField/Obj2LookUpField/Obj3LookUpField/Obj4LookUpField/Name), aggregate(NumField with sum as NumField))

Expected Result:
The model groups fields by groupField and returns respective sum.

Actual Result:
The model returns the respective sum, but the groupField is null. Though, if I copy/pate the url I get the result I would expect.

Side note
It would be nice if Skuid would provide a payload snippet where we can parse this information how we want to. Similar to Apex Rest