Skuid page not displaying only for certain records

Out of hundreds of records that users have already viewed with this Skuid page, we have recently just run into two records where the page will not load and is completely blank. Any ideas on what might be causing this issue?

Does the page contain Models on the Task or Event objects, e.g. completed Tasks / logged emails?

All of the models are on custom objects.

Our experience has been that this occurs when there illegal characters in a Text Area field.  Salesforce prevents these from being entered in the UI,  but they sometimes creep in via data loader, or some API integration. 

Salesforce standard layouts are able to work around these characters because they use no javascript in pushing the data to the page,  so its only when a tool uses JavaScript to display the characters that we see the problem. 

We’ve generally found these in Task Descriptions - when the tasks have been imported from another system.  That is why Zach asked his question.  But I suspect you have imported data in some of your custom objects that could be the culprit. 

So how to confirm the suspicion?   Well thats the harder part.  We usually create a clone of the skuid page, and start commenting out sections of the xml to see if we can isolate where its happenning.  Usually we go model by model until we find the model that breaks the page.  Then field by field until we find the field.  (Somehow Zach can do this in about 5 minutes… we are not sure )

When you have found the field,  we have found it successful to open the record in a standard layout and copy the field,  delete the field,  save the record, paste the text back into the field  (whereupon Salesforce will strip out the illegal characters in the UI) and save the record again. 

Then you should be able to open the record back up in Skuid. 

That sounds like good work for a friday afternoon.  Right? 

I thought it might be something related to special characters. Thank you for the tip and I will give this a try!

That did the trick. Thank you so much!