Skuid Page Not Displaying Data

A Skuid Page for end-users is displaying without displaying data. When viewing as a System Admin, the page is displaying data correctly. Permission in both Skuid and SFDC was granted for the appropriate Profiles. What would cause this issue? What is the best way to resolve this challenge?

Any and all help is appreciated.



Hi Patrick, are the pages assigned to those users under “Deploy” within the Skuid app composer?

Also, are you overriding a visualforce page, and if so did you provide those users with permission to view that visualforce page?

Conian has some good questions. Also, is there any conditional rendering on the page that would exclude the end user?

Hi Conlan,

Thanks for the quick response. The main page utilizes Page Includes and is assigned to the proper Profiles. Additionally, the Visualforce page was shared with the appropriate Profiles. I’m unsure if any additional permissions need to be given.



Hi Stephen,

The only conditional rendering on the page I could find was isMobile = True or False. Although the page is designed for mobile, I have been able to test functionality using a laptop.



Did you check to make sure the users profile has access to both the object and fields? Is the org wide sharing settings to private? If so, is the record in question owned by the user?

Hi All,

Just wanted to give a quick update after some further digging into this issue. It looks like anyone with a Sales Rep Profile is able to see data on the Skuid Page while those with the Sales Manager Profile are not able to see any data. The Visualforce page and Object in Salesforce and Page Assignment in Skuid are shared with both Profiles.

It’s definitely a permissions issue in that case. If Sales Manager CAN see the page, but just not the data, then it’s related to Salesforce data permissions…for which you need to check org-wide defaults, sharing settings, object permissions, and field visibility.

If Sales Manager can’t even see the page, then it’s Skuid related…for which you need to check visualforce page access, page assignments, and of course that the users have been assigned a Skuid license.

It sounds like you’ve checked the Skuid permissions so far, so it’s likely a Salesforce data permission. 

Lastly, I noticed you said that you are using a page include component…so you’ll need to check all of these settings for not just the page the user is viewing, but also the page (and relevant data) that is included.

Eggzachery right. :wink:

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Hi Conlan and Pat,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve checked the OWD, Sharing Settings, Object Permissions and Field Visibility in Salesforce as well as the Page Includes in Skuid. The Sales Managers in question have the proper access as they are able to see their subordinate’s Accounts with Sales information. There were no rendering conditions on the Page Includes for the mobile Skuid page.

What is odd is the Sales Managers Profile currently have access to a Desktop version of a Skuid page with Page Includes, it displays the proper information; however, when they attempt to view the Mobile Skuid page, using the same Page Includes as the Desktop page, the information on the Mobile Skuid Page is blank. 

When you open the page in Desktop version, use the “toggle device toolbar” to see if it’s the size of the page that is messing up, or if it is the phone device. Also, make sure you’re “Scale for Mobile Devices” Checkbox is marked on both the page and the page being included.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the feedback. I checked the pages using the toggle device toolbar and the scale for mobile devices on each skuid page and page include. It looks like everything should be working properly.