Skuid Page load optimization


I am new to skuid and seeking help to understand how Skuid resolves skuid pages during rendering.
Where do I find in-detail article about how pages are resolved and loaded before User sees those on screen ? I mainly have two questions.

  1. When does skuid resolve Models in a page
  2. How JS code snippets are resolved ? whether all JS snippets, present on page, are resolved before page loads or only those JS snippets are loaded which are used in ‘in-line’ attribute of any component.

My main aim is to optimize page load performance. I have gone through Page performance Guide   however I do not find detail guidance about how to optimize performance after using browser’s network analysis tool.

Is there any way Skuid can help us to know anomalies in our page and suggest a fixes to improvise performance?


Hi Utkarsh, thank you for reaching out! Regarding your question #1, I understood it as model queries, but please correct me if I’m wrong. The model data will only be queried on page load if the option “Query on page load” is enabled (online documentation). The less # of records per model, the less # of models, and the less # of model fields you query, the faster.

Regarding question #2, there are different types of snippets. Please find more information in our online documentation, the “in-line” executes on page load.

In our experience, when there are complex queries, it might be helpful to stagger the queries by breaking them into multiple actions.

We hope that this is helpful for you :slight_smile: