Skuid Page Lightning component assigned to record type not respecting picklist rendering


I have added a Skuid page to a record detail lightning page assigned by object record type. The page is working but the picklist is not respecting the record type. The record type is in the model. Any ideas?



Any updates on this one folks? We’re soooooo close to being able to use Lightning and Skuid together. I have also had issues with pages not rendering or models being emptied when using the back button on the browser.

@Louis_Skelton were you able to resolve this issue? I believe I’m running into this same issue.

We’re on Skuid version 11.2.30.

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Hey @Brayden_Smith,

Can you give me a breakdown of what is going on with your issue so I can get a good idea of how I can best help?


@anon57098112 I was able to figure out that it isn’t working because a guest user within a Salesforce Community can not have API access – which is required to load the correct record type depencies.

I have implemented an alternative solution to solve for this issue.

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That’s awesome @Brayden_Smith !

Good to know that you have solved it! :smiley:

The problem I was having is that Guest Users on our Salesforce Community were seeing all values for picklists that should have been dependent on the record type. As a workaround, instead of having one Skuid page with the form built in. I instead have a Skuid page that redirects a user to a standard salesforce “contact support” page. I have 2 versions of the same page, one for each record type.

Now users select the correct support type and re-directed to the correct community page.

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