Skuid page include not showing lighting component

We’re using the Skuid component in the Lightning App Builder. The page included in the skuid page does not load/show in the lightning component. We are using the latest version of Skuid 14.4.8

Any ideas on what can be done to fix it?
I appreciate any help you can provide.

When you say “Does not load” Do you mean in the Lightning app builder? Or in the Run time?

Are you sure that the user attempting to view the SKuid page has at least the “skuid viewer” permission set?

Do you get any error message at all? Any errors in the browser developer console?

Can you post a picture of the problem state?

Yes, we have the correct permission set, and we can see all the pages data except the page that has the page included in the lightning component. The page includes parameter Id is not passed into the page include. We tried Id={{&}} query string too.

Thank you

using this in the page include works! id={{$}}
Thank you.

Huh. It was a “skuid page include” being called from another page - that in turn was being nested in a lightning component. I’ll have to do some testing to make sure the page URL parameters (from the very outside most lightning page) is propagating correctly into the parent skuid page so it is available to be passed into the page include. (Is anyone else confused yet?)

Your strategy to use Model data, rather than a URL parameter is perfect. Well done.