skuid page include in pop up not working

I’m starting from the LeadTab page from the XML repository. In it there’s a Create New Lead in Pop-up global action on the table. I’m trying to get that pop-up to have a page include of the LeadNew page that I created also from XML in the Skuid page repository.

The reason being that I’m going to customize the LeadNew page, and I’d rather do it once than twice, and there will likely be lots of tweaks I don’t want to have to duplicate.

It’s not working, if I choose the Skuid Page I want or if I do a Page Assignment for Lead New.

Here’s all I see:

If I choose Create New Lead via Redirect it works fine. But I want the new lead in a pop-up!

Any ideas? It’s my first time using Page Includes, so maybe I’m missing something basic.

I’m not trying to pass any data to the page include, do I need something in the Query String anyway? Here’s my setup:

First question we always ask with page includes.  Are the models in your included page named differently than the models in your parent page.  If not - all sort of wierdness will emerge. 

Second question.  Are you accessing this page from a VF wrapper with the skuid:page component method?  If this is true - you will need a local clone of the “Include” VF page. 

Do these help - or do we need to dig further? 

That fixed it - getting the model names the same! Awesome. Now the next problem, maybe I should do a new post, page include will not work in Partner Community. Any idea how to fix that?

Check out the permissions on the VF page that you are using to wrap the parent page.  
If that page uses the skuid:page component method to show the skuid page - then you’ll need the local copy of the include VF page from the skuid package.  Refer to the prerequisites section of this tutorial:….  

I know I said that above,  but it usually is what we find causing problems with communities. 

That was totally it. Shameface. I thought I had done that already but somehow had missed cloning the Include page, which sounds like exactly the page I needed! Thanks for your patience. :wink: