skuid page has gaps during load time

On my skuid page, I’ve captured a ss of my network log and there appears to be major gaps while loading the page. Any ideas on what they’re doing? I’ve upgraded to the latest Spark 12.1.4.

I’ve noticed the same behavior.  I know that the product team has been working on performance improvements and 12.1.4 has some of these.

Thanks for the confirmation John. 

Michael, not all of those gaps represent time that the user is spending waiting — Skuid sends some requests to the server after the page has been rendered and the user is presented with an initial view . Some of these “delayed” requests are initiated by Skuid, and some of these are dependent on a particular page, e.g. if you have Models that you’ve requested to be loaded after the page has initially rendered, these will be loaded later, or if there are Page Includes that get lazy loaded, these also may get loaded later.

Hi Zach, it seems like the page takes anywhere from 3-6 seconds to load, so the delayed requests actually do seem to represent time that the user is spent waiting. I don’t have any page includes or actions after the page gets rendered so I’m not sure where the delayed requests would be coming from.