Skuid Page for Lead Conversion - with a custom landing page (replacing the standard convert page)

Problem:  I need to split a lead into one account, one opportunity and two contacts.  This requires a custom landing page. 

Specifics:  Use the standard lead conversion logic (search for possible duplicates and add to or create new).  The second contact won’t always be needed, only when certain fields are completed. 

Option:  Use the standard logic for the primary lead and add a contact in a custom action but I am not sure how to pull this off in Skuid.


Hi, Shanna,

With the Find Duplicates functionality, I would just include a button to redirect to the Find Duplicates page. It would be pretty complicated to replicate this in Skuid.

As for lead conversion, I think you could accomplish this using the actions framework. On your lead detail page, you could redirect to a Skuid page ConvertLead, where you pass in the Id of the lead you want to convert as a url parameter. In your Lead model, you can include fields you want to be copied over to your new contact. Have models for NewContact1, NewContact2, NewAccount, AllAccounts, and SelectedAccount, and NewOpportunity, and populate fields on these models with conditions using field values from the lead. You might want to do a wizard-step process and conditionally render buttons to go to different steps. Like, if certain fields are filled out, show a button to take users to a step to create the second contact.

Example steps:
1)  For NewContact1, populate fields with values (like FirstName, LastName) based on the Lead model. On moving to the next step, save this NewContact1.
2) Select an account. Users can either fill out fields for the NewAccount model, or select an existing account from a list of records. When user selects an account from the existing list (from the AllAccounts model) (with a row action), set a condition on SelectedAccount to bring in only accounts where Id equals {{Id}} from the row. Conditionally render buttons to either (a) save NewAccount and set AccountId of NewContact1 to this account’s Id, or (b) set AccountId of NewContact1 to SelectedAccount… and save NewContact1.
3) Do a similar process for the NewOpportunity record. Conditionally render buttons to either (a) Save or (b) add another contact (go to the optional next step).
4) The optional NewContact2 step.

… On final save, delete the old lead and save all other models. Or, on cancel, delete all the NEW records and keep the old lead.

Does this help you get started in the right direction?