Skuid page for "Field Trip" app

Thought I’d share a Skuid page I made to help view results of the “Field Trip” app.

Field Trip is a (really useful) free app exchange app that helps admin analyze the usage of fields. One drawback is that for objects with many fields you need to copy and paste to excel to really work with the data. Skuid fixes that with sortable columns and a search bar!

If you use this page, the only change you’ll need to make is to change the “Field Trip Tab” link in the navigation component to point to the correct link for your org.

**Note: this was built on Skuid version 8.15.8

{{{Name}}} {{Name}} Last Analyzed {{Field_Trip__Last_Analyzed__c}} Field Name {{{Name}}} .nx-skootable>.nx-editor-header{ margin: 0px; }

Yup. We’ve done something very similar. Drawers instead of Queue/Page Include.

Object and Field Analysis Field_Analysis Object API Name <action type=“redirect” label=“Re-Analyze” icon=“fa-refresh” window=“blank” url=“;id={{Id}}”…; Field Label Field API Name