Skuid page fails to load intermittently

Hi All,

I have a strange situation where sometime my skuid page will display and others time it will not load. Looking at the browser console I see this error when is does not successfully load the page:

Uncaught TypeError: is not a function at o.initializeDataSource (skuid__SalesforceDataSourceTypeJS:1) at new E (skuid__SkuidReqsJS:1)

As you can see in the screenshots it is the same record in separate tabs, but one tab does not show the skuid page “Project Criteria”

Any assistance here would be appreciated.

I should also add that the skuid page has not been modified for at least 6 months.


Not sure if this is related to the error you’re getting, but when the pages suddenly stopped loading we had to update the Skuid version. Would check this in sandbox.