Skuid page failing to load in Customer Community

We are having trouble getting Skuid to appear in our Customer Community, using a Customer Community Plus licensed user that we have given a Skuid license. 

We are loading a Skuid page inside a VF page and displaying it in a community. The VF wrapper page is displayed, but the Skuid page does not display, and no error is shown on the page. 

In the browser console we get the error “[Error] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘skuid.label.add’) global code (Service, line 40)” but no other errors of note. 

We have used Skuid for another client on Partner Community licenses with no issues. Could the Customer Community Plus License type be the problem?

Currently this happens due to either:

(a) Sharing access on Page / Page Assignment records — your Community users do not have access to the specific Pages that you’re trying to show. Check your Org Wide Defaults.
(b) Page Assignment configuration errors – no Page could be found to show to users of this Profile.
(c) Object/Field Permissions issues (e.g. the Profiles for your Customer Community Plus uses do not have access to Skuid Page/Page Assignment objects) 

My guess is either (a) or (b) given the blank page that you’re seeing.

Perfect, thanks Zach.

It was (a), changed the sharing on the Pages object to public made the Skuid page visible to the community user.

I don’t recall doing this on our last project earlier this year. Perhaps recent Skuid releases have changed things?



No we haven’t changed anything here — not sure why the Org Defaults would be different.

Curious. This might be a good topic for a tutorial. I know there’s a video but it doesn’t go into this kind of detail and text is quicker. Skuid is really powerful for communities but the process of getting it in place could be more accessible. 

Loving Bonzai by the way, so many features I’ve been wanting are in place now. Nice job! 

Thanks for the suggestion, Ryan!  Right now we just have a vanilla-y tutorial on Skuid for Sites that addresses some of these concerns, but I’d really like to have one devoted to Skuid in Communities in the future.

Thanks Anna, I think that would be a good idea.

Possibly what tripped us up here is not a Skuid change, but a change by Salesforce in their sharing defaults. It may relate to the introduction of External Organization-Wide defaults:

In our previous project we didn’t have to set org-wide sharing to Public for the community profile, perhaps because it already was Public by default. This time it was Private by default.