Skuid page extending outside the component of a Salesforce Lightning page

I have a Skuid page that is on a Salesforce lightning page. The table on the Skuid is within a Responsive grid.
When the Salesforce lightning page loads, the Skuid component is extending outside the lightning page component. In the screenshot, the blue background should separate the lightning page components. The yellow highlight shows where the Skuid page from the left side of the page is extending outside the lightning component.
How to I keep this from happening?
I assume that I’m just missing a setting because this does not always happen.


Some ideas:

  1. responsive grid settings of “Min width” could be causing the issue if the min width is greater than the width of the component
  2. table may have “no scroll bars” set which would force it to full width instead of letting you scroll
  3. put the responsive grid inside of a wrapper. this may cause the wrapper to create the container you are looking for.

The wrapper solution fixed it. Thanks.

Great, glad it helped