Skuid Page Building

I’m new to Skuid and have no idea how to get started.  I’m mainly interested in creating dashboards, therefore, do I need to create a Skuid page to create a dashboard?  Is a Skuid page similar to a Salesforce report that a dashboard can be attached to?


James,  I’d encourage you to look through the tutorials avaialbe at for an introduction to Skuid. 

Look at this one about building a Key Indicators dashboard:…

And look at this for ideas about using Charts:

Skuid does not use Salesforce reports as the basis for what it displays on the page.  You define your data in skuid models (which are generally more flexible than Salesforce Reports).  Then once your model is configured, in the same place you define what UI component is going to be used to display that data.  No more jumping back and forth from a report to a dashboard. 

Hopefully this is helpful.