Skuid page broken: "Failed to parse XML"

Recently, I’ve been plagued with the error described in this topic:…

I’ve upgraded to the latest Spring 14 release, but I’m assuming that there is still some invalid XML in my pages? The error has been occurring frequently and is really slowing down my ability to continue development.

I’ve granted Login Access to Skuidify LLC Support, and would greatly appreciate some assistance in parsing the broken XML on two of our pages.

We’d be happy to see if we can help.  Can you send us an email directly with the names of the two pages?  Send to    Thanks. 

Great, thanks Rob! Email sent.

Appreciate the prompt response.

For everyone following along at home.  Roman built a page that was too big for Skuid.  We thought it would never happen.  It did.  You can have as much as 160,000 characters in your XML.  We had never seen the problem.  We’ve sent him the prize.  

Check out Zach’s answer to this post if you are worried about your page size: