Skuid Native Platform: Uploading Static Resources

I almost posted this as a question, but then I saw that in the Skuid Platform release notes it mentions:

Can I use “static resources?”… there is not currently a static resource feature for uploading of generic assets. (Also coming soon.)
Thrilled that this has already been addressed and will be available in a later release!
+1! Really enjoying digging around with Skuid Native so far.

What’s the use case for this? Drawing a blank.

custom components in Skuid Native. :slight_smile:

Ah … didn’t think of that. Custom Components will otherwise have to be stored somewhere else and referenced via URL.


The ability to upload “Files”, as they’re known in Skuid Platform, was made available as of the GA release. You can upload new Files by clicking “files” in the main navigation. Files can be used in all of the same ways that “Static Resources” are used in Skuid-on-Salesforce, including:

- Wrapper component: Background Images
- Image component: Image sources
- Page JavaScript and CSS Resources
- Themes
- Component Packs

What about loading page packs? I have a pack that was originally built in Salesforce that I’d like to use on the platform.

I’d even load into my salesforce in order to manually copy the pages via XML. Problem is uploading the page pack fails.

Either sol