Skuid Model from multiple sObjects

I’d like to be able to create cross-object skuid models. I’m attempting to skuidify the recycle bin, and would like one skuid table with data from multiple sObjects. But I haven’t found a good way to do it. Closest I’ve come is to create separate models for each sObject, and then use .adoptRows() to pull the data into one dynamic model. Trouble is that I can’t really manipulate the data in the new combined model.

Any ideas?

What if you had something to divide up the data of what is in recycle bin by sObject type, like maybe  a queue or a chart, and when you clicked on the queue or the chart, it updated a table with all the records for that sObject type? so your table would only ever have one sObject type, but some other list of all types would allow you to filter the table. just thinking out loud…

nice idea!