skuid mobile how to load existing record on skuid page

I have a skuid page which only loads for the existing record in the browser, I want the same requirement to be implemented in mobile version as well.

below URL works for a creation of new record!prettyPhoto

how could I load the skuid page for the existing record, instead of the standard mobile UI

Thanks in advance

Have you checked out this tutorial:  Let me know if your use case is different than this, or if these instructions did not give you the result desired. 

Rob, we are referring to the same URL here, BTW Thanks for the reply and I figured it out how should I do this,
I created a visualForce page with following code;

<apex:page standardController="customObj__c" extensions="skuid&#46;Redirects" action="{!redirect}&amp;objectType=customObj__c&amp;actionType=View"> </apex:page>

Secondly, enabled the “Available for Salesforce mobile apps” (this is the only thing I’ve missed :slight_smile: ) for the page. Thirdly, Override the View button’s Content Source with the VisualForce page

Hoo.  Teach me to look carefully at the OP before dashing off a tutorial link!  I"m glad you figured it out.   You are right about the importance of the “Available for Salesforce Mobile Apps” being the only difference with respect to our other published Override tutorials.