Skuid Mobile Flow iFrame - This content cannot be displayed in a frame error

Hi, we can see the visual flow fine from a desktop browser but not from an actual mobile device. On a mobile device, the following error is displayed -

<pre>This content cannot be displayed in a frame<br><br><br>To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.<br>What you can try:<br><br>Open this content in a new window

What can we do here to resolve this issue?

Follow up, we are using the iFrame component via a Skuid mobile page 

Yina - this is caused by the page you are trying to show in the iFrame.  Is this yours or from a third party?   If it is a third party - I"m not sure there will be anything we can do.   For example,  google does not allow its apps to be shown in an iFrame.   You can look here for discussion on this sort of strategy:…

Hey Robert, thanks! It turns out that because the Skuid page is on a Salesforce User Community, the name of the Community needs to be part of the URL that calls the Visual Flow. When it was changed, the end-user is able to access the flow - https://(name of environment) of Community)/(name of VF page)

Sweet!  I’m glad you guys got this figured out.