Skuid Mobile - Custom Field Renderer

Hi -

In our mobile Skuid page, I am rendering edit fields as Autocomplete. The native renderer however isn’t really the best for a mobile use case. I especially would like to have a “Clear” button to easily clear out the value in the field without having to place the cursor and delete the whole value.

Is it possible to build a custom field renderer in Skuid to do something like the below example? I am not an expert in Javascript so any and all hints and thoughts would be much appreciated.


If you’re still looking for something like this to be done I’d be glad to help. You’re looking for something like the little circular ‘(x)’ button on the right of the search field to clear it.  

That could easily be done for example by using a little javascript and some CSS magic to overlap a fairly standard button on top of a normal autocomplete field. The button gets the Id of the search field and when clicked, it clears that search field. Simple and it should work.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to rebuild a search field renderer just for that small feature. Better just hope it gets added to skuid somethime in the future :wink:

Hope this helps somebody!