[Skuid Mobile]Context Conditions Not Working on Mobile


When setting up under tapping action that a popup be displayed, I am unable to get the tapped record to appear on the popup panel. Instead, the panel appears with a single blank record. The Context Condition seems to be set to Id correctly on the Deck. 

Here’s my specific layout:
I have 2 panels, one listing all accounts, and the other displays the details of an account. Both are using the same model. A tap action under the Card Interactions triggers a Set Popup Panel.

Any ideas as to this problem?

Thank you

While I can’t say I’ve tried your method in our mobile builder,  we usually go about this in a slightly different manner. 

1. The “List” model is very thin, and only retrieves the fields required for the list.  This speeds up page load. 
2. Create a second “Detal” model that has all the full data elements you want to see in the panel.  This model has a filterable condition on Id. 

Your action sequence passes the Id from the List model record into the condition on the detail model, and then requeries that model.

This makes a somewhat chattier application since each detail record is requerying,  but it works, and is faster on page load.