Skuid Mobile Auto-Complete Bug

I am using the Skuid Mobile builder. The Filed Renderer I am using is Auto-Complete. When you tap on the magnifying glass icon to the right, it pops up a nice view of the Accounts; however interacting with this pop-up produces nothing – clicking on the Account does not add to the field, the search in the upper-right corner does not work. Help!

What version of Skuid are you runnign? 


Any update on this?

Hi, Elisabeth,
I see the issue you’re talking about. It definitely looks like our search popups for mobile could use some improvements. I will report it to our product team so they can look into it for an upcoming update.


Sorry for the delay. This issue has been resolved in  Rockaway Point Release - Iteration 10 is now available from the Skuid Releases page at As always, we recommend testing all changes in a Sandbox instance before rolling out to production.

Thank you for your patience as we got this fixed.