Skuid Lightning Page Assignment Situation Not Showing in Skuid Page Assigment Lightning Component

We are using Skuid’s Lightning Page Assignments to display different Skuid pages for different Salesforce Profiles. It seems to be working on most profiles, but certain profiles it’s not displaying anything. 

When I go to “Edit Page” in Lightning and go to the Skuid Page Assignment Component settings, it says the Situation Name is “not valid”. I tried to delete it and retype and now it doesn’t see any of the Situations that I’ve created.

This seems to be a profile issue because I can see the different Skuid Situations that I’ve made under other profiles, but not this specific one. I’ve checked permissions to the Skuid Page Assignment object and also checked Sharing Settings since we are using Hierarchies.

The profile has access to the Page Assignments object and also has “Public Read/Write” in Sharing Settings. 

What else could be cause a Lightning Page Assignment Situation to not show up on the Skuid Assignment Lightning Component? 

Just out of curiosity, is there a reason you’re not using Lighting App Assignments over the Skuid Lightning Page Assignments? I used to use the re-direct method for SF classic but found Lightning App Assignments just easier to manage and setup in general. The only use case I would imagine is if a specific user needed a page override separate from the rest of the Profile. 

Not well versed in Skuid Lightning Page Assignments but I would assume there’s no default setup for that situation. I’d just export all records in the skuid__Page_Assignment__c object just to get a quick overview of what’s been setup. Often it’s just one key ingredient missing if your other profiles are working.