Skuid in Lightning experience

Hi I have a custom object whose View action is overridden by a Skuid page. When I turn on lightning experience, the page renders slow, but it renders, However it displays the VF page name on top of the page. In classic, it does not display on the page. Is this by design? How can I remove that from the page? We have other override for standard objects using VF page, the VF page title does not show in Lightning experience.

Another issue: there is double scrollbars on the page for the custom object. Only 1 scrollbar for the standard object override VF Skuid page.

I haven’t seen that issue before, can you post your Visualforce page code? How do you get to that Skuid page in lightning? Are you getting to it from a standard object overridden page or is it in the navigation?


We get to the VF page via standard lightning navigation after turning on lightning experience.

This is the VF page:
<apex:page standardController=“Engagement__c” extensions=“…” title=“{!$ObjectType.Engagement__c.Label} - {!Engagement__c.Name}”> <skuid:page objectType=“Engagement__c” actionType=“View” /> </apex:page>

It serves as the VF override for the View button for custom object Engagement__c.

We use the same mechanism for standard objects such as opportunity and contact. They display just fine without VF page name and there is no double scrollbar.

There is a lightning page override that I overlooked. When I removed that, it’s working fine now. Thanks.