skuid__image__c object is not working properly in Skuid v2 (13.0.11)


Let there be object TempObj__c which has Reference field. image__c, to skuid__image__c. Let there be table, where TempObj__c is the source, and the reference field be a field on the table.

If a file is uploaded (drag and drop, or via modal) for one record the UI will show as if that file was uploaded for all records. Though, that’s only a visual bug. Since other fields (image__c.Id, image__c.Name) are updated correctly and are shown correctly in the table. Nonetheless, it’s confusing, if I want to upload an ‘image’ for other records I have to through the process of “deleting” the image for those records, and i’m unable to download the image.

Furthermore, I’m unable to use Image Component to show that image.

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I’m still looking for a solution for uploading images using Skuid v2 Page.

How to display an image

Normal, not working way:

Image Component, Image Source is Attachment, Model is , Image Field <M1.F1>

  • .
  • M1.F1 is a field of type Reference(skuid__Image__c).


Image component, Source is URL, Model is , Image URL:

  • {{$Site.baseUrl}}{{.skuid__Url__c}}
  • Again M1.F1 is a field type Reference(skuid__Image__c).
  • Another problem, this time with ‘File Upload’:

    If a user uses Drags and Drops they can upload any amount of files, but all files get uploaded twice.

If user uses the modal then the user can upload only 1 file,

  • but that one file is uploaded only once.



Hi @lukaspovilonis, thanks for the details,

What are you using for the the File Upload type?

I definitely recommend reviewing the File Upload component documentation if you haven’t already; it’s really useful.

  • Hi Anna,

    I’m not sure how to determine the File Upload Type. The upload method is ‘In Attachment to record’, and the skuid page displayed from an apex page to public facing community. I believe its in Salesforce classic, just because there was no success in implementing Content Document Upload in v1 or v2.

  • The component is nested in the following components Table drawer -> deck -> deck -> Upload Component.

Thank you for the link, besides the table at the, everything else makes sense and is useful…



Bump. Skuid Verison 13.0.17, This is still an existing issue and would appreciate further support.