Skuid Header is not visible

For some reason I do not see the Skuid header that allows me to customize themes. Does anyone know why it would disappear?

Hi Austin, are you in the Skuid app? check the dropdown menu on the top right of screen:

I wasn’t! Thanks for pointing that out. I switched over to Skuid app, but I still don’t see the Skuid header.

hmmm, that is odd - what package version of Skuid do you have installed?

Version 7.24

Maybe try updating to the latest production version of Banzai (7.36.8) available here: and see if that makes any difference. I can’t think why it would be happening but it could be something that gets reset with a version update.

I got it figured out! It turned out to be a permissions issue. I had no way of accessing the “Themes” app


Glad you were able to figure it out!