skuid-grunt - identify/commit changes between server and local?

Is there a way to identify differences between the server’s copy of a page and the local copy?

Is there a way to commit only pages that have been edited?

Source control would be the best way to see this type of difference. If you use Git (or another tool), when you pull your Skuid Pages, it should register only what changed between your local copy and the version that you pulled from your org. Your local copies will then be in sync with your org and using a tool like SourceTree ( will allow you to easily see what changed in the XML. You will then be able to commit those files (the ones that changed) without worrying about the ones that did not change. 

I hope this help!

Thanks, Ethan.

Is there anywhere I can go to get a more in-depth explanation of setting up a Git repository using something like sourcetree?

Right now I’m using skuid-grunt with the command line to pull/push pages to/from a local mavensmate project directory and salesforce. How would I incorporate Git into that process?

This video is a little out of date with respect to SourceTree, but the general information should be helpful:

You can also visit for more in depth information regarding Git. There is a handy link to a tool that will help you learn Git in a simulated environment (click the “Try Git” link on their homepage).

When it comes to source control of other Salesforce metadata, everyone’s needs are a little bit different. The Application Lifecycle Management module on Trailhead touches on this and there are resources that will help explain the problems and solutions.