skuid-grunt duplicate values error

Running “skuid-push:production” (skuid-push)
taskFatal error: {“orgName”:“Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic”,“success”:false,“upsertErrors”:[“duplicate value found: skuid__UniqueId__c duplicates value on record with id: a0o61000000StVg”]}

What does this mean, and what can I do about it?

I thought the push would overwrite a page with the same id?

The push operation should be doing an upsert, checking for existing pages with the same Unique Id as a page being upserted, and if a page already exists with a given Unique Id, updating it rather than creating a new record.

I can think of several possible reasons this might be occurring, but I’d have to get more information from you in order to be sure.

  • Check the file names (e.g. MyModule_Page1.xml) and the “name” and “module” properties in the corresponding .json files you’re pushing with Skuid grunt — do any of the pages you’re pushing have the same Unique Id? If so, you will get the error you’re receiving. For instance, if you have 2 separate files in your directory that you’re pushing with Skuid Grunt whose .json both has module: “MyModule” and “name”: “Page1”, then you’ll get th error described above. You’ll need to pick the page that is correct and remove the duplicate file.
  • Is the username/password that you are using skuid-grunt with a System Admin user, with Modify All or View All on the Skuid Page object?

It seems to actually have been something a little stranger. Somehow, the Module in the page metadata (.json) didn’t match the Unique ID (the name of the files).

The Files were named Module1_Page1, but the ‘Module’ field in the .json file was Module2.

Not sure how that happended, but updating the names of the files to Module2_Page1 solved the problem.

That is weird. Glad you got it sorted.