SKUID for survey builder

Has anyone tried to extend SKUID as a survey builder?  Though SKUID quite natural for this user case, not everything is quite out-of-box. It seems that you still need to add quite a bit of extension such as ability to create datatype, skip logic etc which are user driven. If someone has attempted to do this, I would like to understand how you did that.  

Quite frankly, I strongly hope that SKUID provides this out-of-box…I know that they don’t publish roadmap, but can they confirm or deny this feature in roadmap?

Hi Unmesh. Using the wizard component, you can create a survey that is exposed to a public-facing site or community. With conditional rendering and the actions framework, you can even create different paths based on selections made by the user. There’s quite a lot you can do with the wizard component. Can you describe your use case in a little more detail? Thanks!

Hi Matt,

I know that by configuring SKUID, you can gain build fairly sophisticated forms/survey.  Key difference is that users of survey builders are not SKUID builders but regular users, similar to those who can build forms or survey in SurveyMonkey or many consumer survey products.  However, just to clarify here are top three requirements:

1. Create Form Questions that can create different data types on the fly.  i.e. underlying data model is not defined using Salesforce custom object. Instead, user can create any question using predetermined datatype and it can create model underneath.

2. Scoring of each question by end users

3. Skip logic by end users


I really don’t think that creation of fields and metadata is on the Skuid roadmap at this point.  We are happy with the Salesforce admin structures and processes for that back end definition.  Granted it could be simplified,  but I don’t think we are going to try to replicate it.  However,  we would encourage you to consider training your admins to modify surveys using the wizard component.  We don’t feel it is beyond that sort of resource’s capabilities to create effective customer facing UI. 

Thanks. We are app company like SKUID (rather very small) and not customer. But, I understand why you don’t see this in your roadmap. Thanks for clarification though.