Skuid file upload file naming

I’m using the File upload component in a v1 page. In the properties section there is a value called File Name that you can use to rename the file and retain the file extension. I’m using merge syntax to change the file names but the renaming is placing all my non-merge systax text in between the last 2 values.

Here’s an example of what I mean.

File Name: {{Entitlement_Name__c}} - {{Tenant__c}} - {{CreatedDate}}

The renaiming I get on file upload is: MyEntitlementNameMyTenant–10202020832am.docx

All my plain text is being inserted in between the Tenant field and the Created Date field but the expected value should be: MyEntitlementName - MyTenant - 10202020832am.docx

Skuid on Salesforce version 12.4.9

Page built with v1 API

  • That is bizarre. Here are a few workaround ideas.

    Put the first 2 into {{{triple braces}}} - which will just merge the data and won’t run the renderer code. (You might need to change to {{Tenant.Name}} but whatever.

  • Move your combining to a formula field in a model - using a "Combine Text" function - and then just merge that formula field.
  • Thanks Rob!

    Both options 1 and 2 worked for me. I did need to use triple braces with Tenant__r.Name field as I was getting the record ID otherwise. With the Join Text formula field I had to exclude the Date field and add that to the File Name after because the Date/time is not text and I was getting an error.