skuid field empty or not checking in a javascript snippet

I have a javascript button working fine.Now I want to check some skuid fields before  weather they are empty .If they are filled only then the javascript button should work.

Here is my code 

var applicationModel = skuid.model.getModel(‘Application’);//alert("applicationModel "+applicationModel);
var applicationRow =[0];

var appId =applicationRow.Id;

var stat=applicationRow.;

var agree = confirm(“Are you sure ?”);

if (agree){
I want to check fields e.g genesis.application.status__c is empty or NOT

    var retVal = sforce.apex.execute(“DemooOrgUtils”,“borrowerAccepted”,{app:appId}); 
    alert(“retVal”+ retVal);

if (agree){
   // Check if Application Status is empty
   if (!applicationRow.genesis__Application_Status__c) {
      // Status is empty
   } else { 
      // Status has a value