SKUID expired within a registered development org

Hello Skuid community,

Our Skuid licences expired within our Development org. 
We are conducting a small POC to get an impression on SKUID’s possibilities.

We registered our DE-Org. Somehow it expired.
What would be the best way to reactivate SKUID within our org. Is it possible to avoid a loss of our configured SKUID sites?

Or Org-ID is 00D58000000b5d7

Regards Chris

We’ll take care of you.  Once we reactivate your license,  you will have access to your skuid pages again.  You should not lose any data unless you have tried to uninstall / reinstall…

Thank you very much! 
Everything works now.

Hey Rob, we are in a similar situation with a DE org where our Skuid license recently expired. We are preparing a demo for an RFP. On Tuesday this week I went and registered the DE org at but have not seen the licenses renew yet. We have quite a bit of Skuid work in progress. I have not tried to reinstall/uninstall. Can you assist? Organization ID 00D36000000kJw1 Thanks, Richard

Hi - This happened to me too. My org ID is 00D36000000w2wT