Skuid error message doesn't display for the files blocked via "File Upload and Download Security"

Salesforce has the capability of Control how various file types are handled during upload and download,via Setup->Security Controls->File Upload and Download Security, I made the “Don’t allow HTML uploads as attachments or document records” option enabled
and wanted to prevent uploading some file types eg: HTML,exe etc. via my skuid page.

As i can see salesforce blocks the particular files properly, though skuid doesn’t handle the related error message, (in the browser console I can see 401 (Unauthorized) error message) 

  1. Does skuid support this functionality?
  2. Has anyone got the same problem and found a solution for this? 

Thank you in advance

Hasantha.  In our new package (which will be released in the next month or so) we more correctly handle this security setting by telling the user that the file upload was not successful.

Be patient and we’ll take care of you… 

Hi Rob, Thanks for the information and we are counting on it.